Welcome to the homepage of COD Hungary Ltd! 

Our company has been established in 2009 and it is 100% Hungarian ownership.

We started working in the Western European region with the self confidence of our experience of decades on the meat industry market.

Our first contract has been launched only with some dozens of employees, but thanks to our organizational skills and the quality of our work, over the years we have grown to hundreds of employees through the new contracts. The most common jobs of the employees include cutting pork, shoulder and thigh boning, preparing and packaging different grill and poultry products, as well as fulfilling the tasks in different positions occurring in the meat industry work processes, performing professional and unskilled work.

Our main business profile concerns the meat industry, but thanks to the flexible and young company management style we started participating in different fields of the Central European market, for example gastronomy.

Advantages of COD contracts:

• predictable cost

• reliability

• flexible management of any seasonal fluctuations in the number of jobs

• highest level of quality work

Our future goals include not only the professional continuation of the already existing contracts and business, but thanks to the available and ever-expanding capacity, we look forward to new long-term contracts. Whether it is a different specialty, other specialized work-related challenges, we are ready to comply at the highest level with the requirements of professional knowledge demanding tasks.

The interested ones can do research on our website in the continuously updating database, to find suitable work opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in reading our brief introduction, we look forward to any inquiries you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to be part, either as a partner or employee, of the high quality work that intertwined the name COD Hungary Ltd. in Western and Central Europe.

Best regards

Zsolt Czompó